Definition of indicolite in English:


Pronunciation /inˈdikəˌlīt/ /ɪnˈdɪkəˌlaɪt/


  • An indigo-blue gem variety of lithium-bearing tourmaline.

    ‘When a member of our tour noticed that some of the sheets contained sprays of indicolite tourmaline, we all descended upon the mica heap like a swarm of locusts.’
    • ‘Instead, a blue-green to blue tourmaline, some of which is considered to be indicolite, is now being mined in a different locality.’
    • ‘Rubellite is the term used for red or pink tourmaline, and indicolite is the term used for blue tourmaline.’
    • ‘They come in every color of the rainbow, but one of the most sought after varieties are the indicolites.’
    • ‘Because of its rarity, indicolite from any locality is always in strong demand.’


Early 19th century from Latin indicum ‘indigo’+ -lite.