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  • 1(of food) difficult or impossible to digest.

    ‘haute cuisine was largely indigestible to the majority’
    • ‘This for me was very refreshing considering I had indigestible food for breakfast.’
    • ‘One of the papers in Science reveals the genetics of a dominant gut bug that serves humans well by breaking down otherwise indigestible food.’
    • ‘Occasionally, cats eat grass in order to clear their stomach of indigestible food, like bones, fur, and feathers.’
    • ‘Right now I am trapped in a cell which is beyond filthiness with indigestible food.’
    • ‘In Asia it is well known that raw and unfermented soy beans are indigestible.’
    • ‘Soaking beans not only cuts down on the cooking time (preserving nutrients) but it helps break down the indigestible sugars that can cause gas.’
    • ‘But because most beans are indigestible unless cooked at high temperatures, a raw-food diet contains few of them.’
    • ‘Ice cream is particularly indigestible since it contains cold fat.’
    • ‘Foods that are ordinarily indigestible or even allergenic to deer may become daily menu items in situations of severe stress from weather or scarcity of other food.’
    • ‘Fiber, which is the indigestible part of fruits, vegetables and whole-grain foods, helps you achieve flat abs for three reasons.’
    • ‘I found the heavy protein practically indigestible.’
    • ‘It's the indigestible crystalline starch apparently.’
    • ‘Sperm whales also produce ambergris, probably from waste coalescing around indigestible substances in the intestinal tract.’
    • ‘However, indigestible cellulose can be converted into sugars for use as food or as nutrients to grow yeasts, fungi, or plant cell cultures.’
    • ‘Technically, probiotics are indigestible starches that good bacteria feast on.’
    • ‘Phytase is an enzyme that breaks down phytate so that some of the previously indigestible phosphorus in feed can be digested.’
    • ‘The pellets are the indigestible portions of the heron's food.’
    • ‘Toasted cheese was even more indigestible and apt to cause nightmares.’
    • ‘It is a myth that goats will eat anything, however indigestible.’
    • ‘With only 44p spent per student lunch, pupils were too often dining on fatty, salty, indigestible rubbish.’
    indigestible, starchy, filling, heavy, solid, substantial, lumpy, leaden
  • 2Too complex or awkward to read or understand easily.

    ‘a turgid and indigestible book’
    • ‘He serves up vast helpings of indigestible fact.’
    • ‘He kept up to date by reading the papers and gorging on TV, digesting the indigestible.’
    • ‘Far too many words for comfort, quite indiscriminately absorbed, and now forming a stodgy, indigestible mass in my short-term memory.’
    • ‘The truth is perfectly clear and almost perfectly indigestible.’
    • ‘A written constitution would replace the present mass of verbose and indigestible devolution legislation.’



/ˌindəˈjestəb(ə)l/ /ˌɪndəˈdʒɛstəb(ə)l/


Late 15th century via French from late Latin indigestibilis, from in- ‘not’ + digestibilis (see digestible).