Definition of indissociable in English:



  • Unable to be dissociated.

    ‘the three fundamental and indissociable features of market capitalism’
    • ‘Such assumptions, indissociable from a danger of arbitrary power, would have serious consequences which the court cannot overlook.’
    • ‘Yet this very activity is indissociable from making our thought answerable to the world.’
    • ‘The fight against war is indissociable from the fight against the system that breeds it, as it breeds all forms of violence.’
    • ‘The blood-spattered breeze-block wall stands as grisly testimony of the violence which, apparently, is indissociable from this family's fragile celebrations.’
    • ‘Taboo-breaking and boundary-crossing become indissociable.’
    • ‘Here the argument is indissociable from its structure of presentation.’



/ˈindiˈsōSHəbəl/ /ˈɪndɪˈsoʊʃəbəl/