Definition of indistinguishably in English:


Pronunciation /ˌindəˈstinɡwəSHəblē/ /ˌɪndəˈstɪnɡwəʃəbli/


See indistinguishable

‘The problem is lack of variety: one song merges indistinguishably into another, the surfeit of emotion sounding more maudlin by the minute.’
  • ‘New paint will mingle indistinguishably with the previous layer.’
  • ‘The album's mixing is muddy, with the instrumentation indistinguishably blending together.’
  • ‘In the far distance, at the unbroken horizon, the sea melds indistinguishably with the sky.’
  • ‘They make psychedelic jam rock that draws almost exclusively - and sometimes indistinguishably - from their English ancestors.’
  • ‘Frequently, the two are also indistinguishably fused.’