Definition of indium in English:



(also In)
  • The chemical element of atomic number 49, a soft silvery-white metal occurring naturally in association with zinc and some other metals.

    ‘These elements include mercury, bromine, cadmium, indium, thallium, lead, and bismuth.’
    • ‘Their catalyst is a solid solution of zinc sulfide, copper indium sulfide, and silver indium sulfide.’
    • ‘Lead alloyed with tin, bismuth, cadmium, indium, or other elements, either alone or in combination, forms alloys with particularly low melting points.’
    • ‘Another type of new fluoroanion of aluminum, gallium, and indium have 1-3 perfluorinated fused ring groups and 2-0 perfluorophenyl groups.’
    • ‘The fluoroanions of aluminum, gallium, and indium are novel weakly coordinating anions which are are highly fluorinated.’



/ˈindēəm/ /ˈɪndiəm/


Mid 19th century from indigo(because there are two characteristic indigo lines in its spectrum) + -ium.