Definition of individualize in English:


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transitive verb

(also British individualise)
[with object]
  • 1Tailor (something) to suit a particular individual.

    ‘the study emphasizes the need to individualize treatment based on patient characteristics and preferences’
    • ‘Following the clinical perspective of the program the aftercare sessions are also individualized to fit the needs of the client.’
    • ‘The programs will have to provide individualized review of applications, according to experts.’
    • ‘A highly individualized program is required to meet the specific needs of the child.’
    • ‘The authors recommend that treatment be individualized, depending on each patient's symptoms, needs, and preferences.’
    • ‘Fourteen studies reported individualized preparation, three studies reported group preparation, and five did not specify.’
    • ‘Each patient with diabetes should have an individualized management plan that is a therapeutic alliance between the patient and physician.’
    • ‘This requires individualized social work interventions.’
    • ‘The plan is called an IEP, or individualized education plan.’
    • ‘And few areas sound more cutting-edge than individualized medicine.’
    • ‘The surrounding anatomy and physiology are different for each target area, and the testing is individualized depending on the target.’
    • ‘The frequency of acupuncture is individualized and may range from weekly visits to visits once every 10 to 12 weeks.’
    • ‘No teacher identified using individualized assessment information when planning for children with disabilities.’
    • ‘Meal plans and diet modifications are generally individualized by a registered dietitian to meet patient needs and lifestyle.’
    • ‘Using these tools, physicians can revamp and refine tumor classification to enable more individualized treatments.’
    • ‘The authors report that the Web made it easier to structure the course so students were able to get immediate and individualized feedback.’
    • ‘The specific therapies were individualized for each patient.’
    1. 1.1Give an individual and distinctive character to.
      ‘have your shirt individualized with your own club name’
      • ‘people who wear jewelry want to individualize themselves, to show who they are as a person’
      • ‘From the moment Henry Ford I started mass producing cars, motorists began en masse to individualize their own particular vehicle.’
      • ‘In one way, by de-massifying society, and accentuating our differences, we help people individualise themselves.’
      • ‘‘People who wear jewelry want to individualize themselves, to show who they are as a person,’ said Jones.’
      • ‘Variations such as stencilling have in recent years become a decorating staple as people search for ways to individualise their living or working space.’
      • ‘When attempts are made to individualize the characters, their personality quirks seem half-hearted and copied from any number of other war movies.’
      • ‘She wanted individualize herself; but going at it in such a generic matter ruined the exclusivity.’
      • ‘Sprinters are pretty individualised, and I didn't think I needed it.’
      • ‘Since everyone's hair is uniquely their own, the hair care systems that they select must also be individualized and personalized.’
      • ‘Most of the students wanted to use ‘funky’ colors so that each hand would be more individualized.’
      distinctive, characteristic, unique, individual, one's own, particular, private, peculiar, exclusive, idiosyncratic, individualized, personalized



/ˌindəˈvij(ə)wəˌlīz/ /ˌɪndəˈvɪdʒ(ə)wəˌlaɪz/ /ˌindəˈvijəˌlīz/ /ˌɪndəˈvɪdʒəˌlaɪz/