Definition of Indo-Malaysian in English:


(also Indo-Malayan)


  • 1Relating to both India and Malaya.

    ‘A group of Malaysian Indian professionals has set up the Indo-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, which will be headquartered in Chennai.’
    ‘India is pushing for insertion of this clause in the Indo-Malaysian tax treaty.’
    1. 1.1Denoting an ethnological region comprising Sri Lanka, the Malay peninsula, and the Malaysian islands.
      ‘But the borders between them are vague: India is sometimes seen as part of an Indo-African subkingdom, but others discern an Indo-Malayan (or Indo-Malesian) subkingdom.’
      ‘The book covers the culture history and archaeology of the Indo-Malaysian portion of Asian culture.’
    2. 1.2Biology Denoting a major biogeographical region comprising Malesia and East, South, and SE Asia.
      • ‘The worsening of the climate led to a retreat of the Indo-Malesian flora, while the Arcto-Tertiary flora advanced.’
      • ‘The natural distribution of M. indica is in the Indo-Malesian region.’
      • ‘Yuhinas occur exclusively in the Indo-Malayan region, with a large diversification in the Philippine archipelagos.’
      • ‘We passed through a dense subtropical forest - the northernmost range of most Indo-Malayan animals - and entered the habitats of the Sino-Himalayan wildlife.’