Definition of indole in English:



  • A crystalline organic compound with an unpleasant odor, present in coal tar and in feces.

    A heteroaromatic compound with fused benzene and pyrrole rings; chemical formula: C₈H₇N

    ‘For instance, the substance indole, which comes from coal tar and animal feces, actually smells like jasmine at its detection threshold.’
    • ‘The absorbance band is narrowest for 3-methyl indole in pentane.’
    • ‘Members of the family produce latex, diverse iridoids, cardioglycosides, and various alkaloids (notably indole and steroid groups), sometimes cyanogenic, rarely saponiferous.’
    • ‘This result can be explained assuming that the displacement of the cationic indole toward the water pool is not complete.’
    • ‘We previously observed the same rate of scavenging of solvated electrons by protons in ultrafast experiments on indole under conditions of comparable ionic strength.’



/ˈindōl/ /ˈɪndoʊl/


Mid 19th century blend of indigo (because obtained artificially from indigo blue) and Latin oleum ‘oil’.