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induction loop

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  • A sound system in which a loop of wire around an area in a building, such as a theater, produces an electromagnetic signal received directly by hearing aids used by the partially deaf.

    • ‘An induction loop has been installed for hard of hearing crew members and wide flat wide decks and powered lifts mean that there is access throughout for wheelchair users.’
    • ‘The hall has a brand new kitchen, a stage, entrance hall, and an induction loop for the hard of hearing.’
    • ‘There will be complete access for disabled and wheelchair bound players as well as an induction loop to help the hard of hearing.’
    • ‘Each screen also has an induction loop system that enables customers with hearing aids to enjoy films.’
    • ‘A Highways Agency spokesman said induction loops - special sensors fitted in the road's surface - will count the number of vehicles using the road.’


induction loop

/ɪnˈdəkʃən lup/