Definition of indulgently in English:


Pronunciation /inˈdəljəntlē/ /ɪnˈdəldʒəntli/

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‘But, at the time, my thoughts seemed indulgently introspective, and I kept them well buried.’
  • ‘Crisp triangles of French toast are layered with citrus segments and indulgently oozy oil-glossed pieces of warm foie gras, the best liver known to carnivores.’
  • ‘When Semele suddenly reappears, singing indulgently from the heavens of ‘endless pleasures’ of the bedroom variety, we are in pure operatic heaven.’
  • ‘I am not a hateful person by nature; I love Christmas, think family is important, and have been known to laugh indulgently at the antics of golden-curled children.’
  • ‘Putting his glass down and stubbing out his cigarette, he smiles indulgently and tousles my brother's hair, whose face goes beetroot red with embarrassment.’
  • ‘How come society winked indulgently at his ‘excesses’ while reserving stern castigation for the rest?’
  • ‘I miss my Papa terribly for so many personal reasons, but also because he indulgently insulated me from the real world.’