Definition of induna in English:



  • 1South African A tribal councillor or headman.

    • ‘He also called on the relief food distributing agency in the district to coordinate operations with community leaders, such as indunas and councillors.’
    • ‘Sithembile Langa is one of about 20 indunas of Meadowlands hostel.’
    • ‘He said his office would not tolerate anybody including chiefs and their indunas allowing witch finders to practice in their areas.’
    • ‘The claims, he said, prompted Chief Kabanda and his indunas to sit down to find ways of protecting the said land.’
    • ‘Myself, my mother and my brother lived at an area under Chief Mpungose and induna Mkhize.’
    1. 1.1An African foreman.
      ‘Control on the mines was exercised by white compound managers and supervisors through African indunas and isibonda (room reprentatives).’
      supervisor, overseer, superintendent, manager, boss, team leader, line manager, controller
    2. 1.2A person in authority.
      ‘The dejected Farmworkers' union chief induna tried in exasperation to explain exactly what he threatened to do and what not.’


Xhosa and Zulu, from the nominal prefix in- + duna ‘captain, councillor’.