Definition of industrial archaeology in English:

industrial archaeology

Pronunciation /inˈˌdəstrēəl ˌärkēˈäləjē/ /ɪnˈˌdəstriəl ˌɑrkiˈɑlədʒi/


  • The study of equipment and buildings formerly used in industry.

    ‘The industrial archaeology of Tennessee caves is limited to a few studies of saltpeter mining and moonshine production sites.’
    • ‘If you commissioned an industrial historian or someone from the field of industrial archeology, he would see things quite differently.’
    • ‘It was then that he began to take an interest in industrial archeology and assembled an extensive collection of paintings such as this prizewinner.’
    • ‘At Gathurst, near Wigan, I found a fascinating slice of industrial archeology caught in a time warp.’
    • ‘If you like a blend of industrial archeology and natural history then here is the ideal place.’