Definition of industrial estate in English:

industrial estate

Pronunciation /inˈˌdəstrēəl əˈstāt/ /ɪnˈˌdəstriəl əˈsteɪt/

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  • An area of land developed as a site for factories and other industrial businesses.

    Also called industrial park

    ‘Cheap, flat land is great for industrial estates and housing.’
    • ‘The District Council quite rightly sold off the land for the industrial estate.’
    • ‘Belvedere means beautiful view but when you look out, all you see are factories and industrial estates.’
    • ‘We would urge all businesses on industrial estates to consider providing additional security.’
    • ‘The trip took about an hour and a half, and took me through abandoned industrial estates, pleasant residential areas, parks, and reed-filled mud flats.’
    • ‘He wanted prostitution to be decriminalised in non-residential areas such as industrial estates, but didn't want to name particular places.’
    • ‘And he said areas, such as industrial estates, could be used.’
    • ‘The railway company began renting out freed-up land to newly-created industrial estates, which boosted profits.’
    • ‘They license areas of industrial estates out of towns to be used by prostitutes.’
    • ‘Businesses on an industrial estate are vowing to go to the High Court if planning consent is given for an infant school to be built on the site.’
    • ‘He moved the business to an industrial estate near Glasgow Airport in December.’
    • ‘The study scoured 11,900 sites across the country looking at 12 different land uses, from council estates to industrial estates.’
    • ‘The highly visible turbines, which could be as tall as 90 feet, may be sited in new schools or industrial estates.’
    • ‘I'm led to believe it is out of funding from the industrial estates and housing developments that this road will be constructed.’
    • ‘If private enterprise can attract suitable candidates to all the other business parks and industrial estates in the county, why not on the Dublin Road.’
    • ‘Responding to false alarms particularly in industrial estates and businesses has been a long running complaint among gardaí.’
    • ‘This involves promoting the pilot programme to industrial estates, business parks and small towns countrywide.’
    • ‘Putting a redlight zone into an industrial estate is an excellent idea.’
    • ‘They plan bits of them piecemeal - some housing here, an industrial estate there.’
    • ‘South Dublin is also home to about 7,000 companies, 39 industrial estates and 46 business parks.’