Definition of industrial melanism in English:

industrial melanism

Pronunciation /inˈdəstrēəl ˈmeləˌnizəm/ /ɪnˈdəstriəl ˈmɛləˌnɪzəm/


  • The prevalence of dark-colored varieties of animals (especially moths) in industrial areas where they are better camouflaged against predators than paler forms.

    ‘A change in the direction of selective effect on a mutation is unusual, though there are some well-documented cases, such as industrial melanism in moths.’
    • ‘Recent reports exaggerate the death of industrial melanism as an exemplar of natural selection.’
    • ‘For 50 years, this interpretation of industrial melanism was just a theory, until an amateur lepidopterist went into the countryside to prove it.’
    • ‘Here are some of his comments regarding his concerns about creationists' misuse of industrial melanism.’