Definition of industrial park in English:

industrial park

Pronunciation /inˈdəstrēəl ˌpärk/ /ɪnˈdəstriəl ˌpɑrk/

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North American
  • An area of land developed as a site for factories and other industrial businesses.

    British term industrial estate

    ‘But one year after the invasion, many of his neighbors in the industrial park have gone out of business.’
    • ‘Suburban office and industrial parks and shopping centers competed successfully with central business districts, dispersing economic activity over wide areas.’
    • ‘Brussels wants the projects to open up new sites for businesses such as industrial parks and to produce innovative and competitive enterprises.’
    • ‘The remaining 40 were moved to an industrial park in a suburban area.’
    • ‘He believes that there would be a lot of interest among industrialists in such an industrial park.’
    • ‘As in industrial parks, the businesses can share management, space, operating equipment, maintenance and even advertising expenses.’
    • ‘Because of this, the government will continue efforts to construct and develop science-based industrial parks, he said.’
    • ‘The tribe's principal industries are agriculture, industrial parks, and recreational parks.’
    • ‘Then subdivision began, and housing tracts and industrial parks started to replace fields and barns.’
    • ‘This web of generating technologies will serve an industrial park and a few nearby residences, and even feed surplus power back to the main power grid.’
    • ‘The truth is different, since many industrial parks actually expanded, and Juxi Industrial Park in Huaxi town is a typical example.’
    • ‘Older students catch the same bus to school that drops off first-shift workers at the industrial park.’
    • ‘The council has just purchased an industrial land bank linked closely to the existing industrial park in the town.’
    • ‘He said a livestock market was a special case because it would not normally be built on an industrial park or in an area of housing.’
    • ‘We've got some new industrial parks opening up shortly; maybe we could put his name on one of those or part of the highway.’
    • ‘The majority of sites are well-positioned, near to existing industrial parks.’
    • ‘The industrial park essentially was rigged to explode.’
    • ‘One afternoon, I arrive at his furniture workshop, in an industrial park in Kommetjie, a half-hour drive from the city.’
    • ‘Always providing that the nature of the proposed industry is acceptable in environmental and other terms, this is very good news for the new industrial park.’
    • ‘In addition, he said, around £40m of previously announced money will help with the construction of a new industrial park in the region.’