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  • A social or economic system built on manufacturing industries.

    ‘some countries of the Third World have barely been touched by industrialism’
    • ‘The dialogue between Gandhi and Nehru on industrialism, socialism and capitalism dates back to 1928.’
    • ‘In short, the advent of industrialism and the Industrial Revolution has irreversibly changed the prognosis for freedom and statism.’
    • ‘This ‘charming’ story, avowedly in opposition to economics, concerns the evils of industrialism and the inferiority of the African people.’
    • ‘With industrialism, many people found social roles changing rapidly, and began to ask whether those roles could not be changed further.’
    • ‘It was the unearned increment which opened the West and laid the basis for our present colossal industrialism.’
    • ‘The spirit of industrialism, which is indefatigably active in the development of trade relations, undermines the warlike spirit.’
    • ‘His story of the African American role in southern industrialism is one that has not been explored enough.’
    • ‘Our present-day concerns for ecological, social, and economic sustainability are consequences of growing industrialism.’
    • ‘He saw no need to rectify the dangers inherent in industrialism - he simply went beyond industrialism by ignoring it.’
    • ‘To him, industrialism was of course synonymous with modern capitalism.’
    • ‘This would be a subtle slap in the face to industrialism, consumerism and corporatism, none of which had a positive impact on the last century.’
    • ‘In more contemporary terms, an immoderate, rapacious industrialism consumes the consumer.’
    • ‘Yet society sought to regulate industrialism in ways that seemed acceptable to a generation suspicious of governmental power.’
    • ‘The commodity chain of the global food industry starts here, as does that of American industrialism.’
    • ‘At the same time, industrialism continued to draw workers from agriculture to industry, country to city.’
    • ‘The belief that resource scarcity can be transcended by industrialism unites many seemingly antagonistic political standpoints.’
    • ‘His hope for Europe was that it return to those happy Middle Ages before a pagan Enlightenment and soulless industrialism had destroyed Faith and Freedom.’
    • ‘It's about my imagination, it's about my understanding of industrialism in the Midwest, it's about the Midwest in general, it's about human beings, you know…’



/inˈdəstrēəˌliz(ə)m/ /ɪnˈdəstriəˌlɪz(ə)m/