Definition of Indy in English:



  • A form of auto racing in which specially constructed cars are driven around a banked, regular, typically oval circuit, which allows for exceptionally high speeds.

    as modifier ‘an Indy race’
    • ‘My guys always seem to bring out a really good car for the Indy test and Indy race, so they've done it again.’
    • ‘Can you talk about the past two seasons, your goal of racing at Indy?’
    • ‘Giancarlo, you have raced at Indy for the past five seasons - what is your feeling when you arrive each year?’
    • ‘I guarantee that my first race in Indy cars was way tougher than this.’
    • ‘It was the first live 500 I've been to, and I was able to get what it's like to race at Indy.’
    • ‘To win Indy is in a way special because it has a lot of reputation and a history, although we don't race the Indy circuit.’
    • ‘Just give me an indication of what it's like to go into your first Indy 500 as the president of the Speedway.’
    • ‘We are now going to Indy, the second of the North American races, and a circuit similar to Montreal in that it is a low drag level track.’
    • ‘Obviously, you made three Indy 500 starts, you were a winner in the IndyCar Series.’
    • ‘At the moment Indy should theoretically be a good race as far as Canada was a good race and you have got to say Monza is going to be a good race for us.’
    • ‘The Indy 500 is one of the most prestigious races that everybody would like to be fortunate to win.’
    • ‘To have podium or win at Motegi, for Honda it would as big as Indy.’
    • ‘Obviously, I think perhaps at Indy last year I tried to force some issues, rather than just let the race come to you.’
    • ‘But I have no doubt that we have the tools we need to perform well at Indy.’
    • ‘If I had to try to go up to Indy and practice and test and test my Winston Cup car, there's no way.’
    • ‘Every day at Indy when we run, there's a mad rush in what we call ‘Happy Hour’ to be the fastest car.’
    • ‘To have it come together at Indy means a lot to all of the crew.’
    • ‘So if we can do this again next week at Indy, we'll be looking good.’
    • ‘They've always said if I wanted to come back and run Indy, that they're behind me 100 percent.’
    • ‘Even at Indy at the end of May here, I think we have good shot at it.’



/ˈindē/ /ˈɪndi/


1950s named after Indianapolis, where the principal Indy race is held.