Definition of inebriant in English:



  • (of a substance) intoxicating.

    ‘beware of inebriant concoctions disguised as ordinary punch’
    • ‘It was also supposed, perhaps in consequence of this anti-inebriant quality, to render a man energetic and diligent in business and to insure peace of mind.’
    • ‘This is formulated for either a tea or to be steeped in vodka for an inebriant brew.’


  • An inebriating substance or agent; an intoxicant.

    ‘the seedpod is a powerful inebriant’
    • ‘It is amazing, when you get to a certain age you talk about sleep in the same way you spoke about inebriants 20 or 25 years ago’
    • ‘He soon saw the ill effects of inebriants on the performance of a cavalry and promoted prohibition.’
    • ‘Analogizing love to an inebriant, the heart intimates that it is beginning to recognize the alluring yet potentially dangerous effects of sexual intimacy.’
    • ‘Unlike beer, which some wine aficionados describe as ‘the inebriant of the lout and half-wit’, wine requires drinkers to develop a complex sense of taste.’
    • ‘But it needs to be remembered that, historically, vodka was mostly a plebian and proletarian inebriant, made in a matter of hours from any glut of vegetables.’



/iˈnēbrēənt/ /ɪˈnibriənt/