Definition of inedibility in English:



See inedible

‘Bitterness, although sometimes appreciated, is generally disliked and serves as a warning of inedibility.’
  • ‘The garnish is a ‘bird wing’ kind of decoration (I discover its inedibility after I try a bite).’
  • ‘They are also purple, and smell bad, two of the criteria I use to determine inedibility.’
  • ‘I haven't passed on a meal for 40 years, but this one I must say exceeded my giddiest expectations of inedibility.’
  • ‘This spinach was literally salty to the point of inedibility.’
  • ‘I was glad I'm not a meat-eater and had told them to leave out the bacon - my friend got bacon with his eggs and it was overcooked to the point of inedibility.’
  • ‘Doesn't she realize it's supposed to be hard-boiled to the point of inedibility?’