Definition of ineducable in English:


Pronunciation /inˈejəkəbəl/ /ɪnˈɛdʒəkəbəl/

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  • Considered incapable of being educated, especially (formerly) as a result of mental disability.

    ‘By the time the poor saps get to college, they are ineducable.’
    • ‘Well, first of all, may I make a point about the recommendations on education that came from this report which said that he could be ineducable.’
    • ‘The first chapter describes enlightened attempts to civilise two boys who seem to have been ineducable.’
    • ‘The principal called me ‘a filthy ineducable little beast.’’
    • ‘If a person doesn't see that by now, he is probably ineducable.’
    • ‘It became apparent that there was, not so much a belief that some people were ineducable, but a complete unwillingness to see these as people worth educating.’
    • ‘Really he was ineducable, they tried to take him to England and put him through the Oxbridge education system, and he was a complete failure at this.’