Definition of ineffectively in English:


Pronunciation /ˌinəˈfektivlē/ /ˌɪnəˈfɛktɪvli/

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See ineffective

‘He said: ‘Decommissioning is a vital tool, but the Government has used it ineffectively.’’
  • ‘But while the root of the problem is being tackled so ineffectively, can we not balance the argument so that on the way, we all don't get carried away?’
  • ‘Still, it'll give them what they love doing most - moaning on in the background ineffectively.’
  • ‘There was a huge queue behind her as she tried ineffectively to manoeuvre off.’
  • ‘Both Conservative and Labour Governments of the early 1970s tried to intervene, but ineffectively and much too late.’
  • ‘Untreated, or ineffectively treated, it is a major contributor to the high suicide rate in our country.’