Definition of ineffectiveness in English:


Pronunciation /ˌinəˈfektivnəs/ /ˌɪnəˈfɛktɪvnəs/

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  • The quality of not producing any significant or desired effect.

    ‘the report highlighted the ineffectiveness of sanctions’
    • ‘the guidelines advise against antibiotics because of their ineffectiveness’
    • ‘In his essay, he demonstrated the ineffectiveness of interest rates in controlling business cycles.’
    • ‘The relative ineffectiveness of the one-day protest says much about the long odds the opposition faces in ousting the president.’
    • ‘I generally agree with your observations about the apparent ineffectiveness of many of the new airport security measures.’
    • ‘Even without corruption, ineffectiveness and inefficiency in the use of public money would follow decentralization, as a result of a lack of skills and knowledge.’
    • ‘They have insufficient time to educate patients about the ineffectiveness of antibiotics.’
    • ‘Many of the parents qualified their comments about punitive interventions with statements about the ineffectiveness of their efforts.’
    • ‘What emerges from her investigation of government policies is a picture of extreme bureaucratic confusion and ineffectiveness.’
    • ‘I have no time now to look for studies portraying the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of homeopathic remedies in patient studies.’
    • ‘Many academics and community members routinely complain about the absence or ineffectiveness of national black leaders in their battle against such pressing issues as AIDS, incarceration, and punitive welfare policies.’
    • ‘The youth felt a rage coming on, like a pestered caged animal, and cursed the ineffectiveness of his single-shot rifle.’