Definition of inegalitarian in English:



  • Characterized by or promoting inequality between people.

    ‘In the name of the sick whose inequality we lament, we would become inegalitarian supporters of litmus tests for human dignity.’
    • ‘If you wish to live in a backward, moribund, intolerant inegalitarian society please feel free to choose one from the many available…’
    • ‘It has been called inegalitarian, a cash cow, and ‘green wash.’’
    • ‘Although some legislators passionately opposed this idea as inegalitarian, the program was quickly passed with high expectations.’
    • ‘Who would have thought that someone who subscribes to the opaque and inegalitarian precepts of postmodernism would now be considered Left?’
    • ‘The inegalitarian society, this was an important development.’
    • ‘He has pledged to restore a faltering economy and achieve greater equity in this most inegalitarian of the world's large economies.’
    • ‘The inegalitarian nature of the American society is well recorded.’
    • ‘For charisma is dispensed according to fate's inegalitarian whim.’
    • ‘Aboriginal society may well become the most inegalitarian on the continent.’
    • ‘He prophesised the end of the era of mercy was, and the awning of the day of vengeance in the inegalitarian society.’
    • ‘An economy of voluntary exchanges is inherently inegalitarian (even if economies of a more regimented type may conceivably but somewhat improbably be less so.)’
    • ‘He glosses over inequities at home, simply arguing that ‘a society that is inegalitarian is one thing, but one that is unabashedly so is quite another.’’
    • ‘In order to prevent skilled people from leaving, salary differentials have to be raised, reinforcing an initial inegalitarian income distribution.’
    • ‘It was also a class-bound, inegalitarian society, dominated by a numerous gentry, where over half the arable land belonged to some 10,000 landowners.’
    • ‘Of course, in other cases desert principles as described will have inegalitarian implications.’
    • ‘Collective or community rights imply permissible inegalitarian ranking of members in the interests of preservation of tradition.’
    • ‘This principle can also be incorporated into hierarchical, inegalitarian theories.’
    • ‘Then, of course, a set of principles coming from the unforced agreement will be inegalitarian in just that respect.’



/ˌinēɡaləˈterēən/ /ˌɪniɡæləˈtɛriən/