Definition of ineluctably in English:


Pronunciation /-blē/


See ineluctable

‘Most people think that globalisation inevitably and ineluctably leads to a growth in inequality but it isn't true.’
  • ‘Marauding sharks scent blood and surely and ineluctably move in for their evening meal.’
  • ‘And it's here, in my view, that we can start to analyse why this growth among the world's wealthiest is leading us, ineluctably, towards a global social upheaval.’
  • ‘I leave it to you, dear reader, to draw the ninth, unstated lesson that seems to follow ineluctably from these eight relatively inarguable propositions.’
  • ‘Yet heroin is still perceived as the paradigmatic voodoo drug, ineluctably turning its users into zombies who must obey its commands.’