Definition of ineptitude in English:


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  • Lack of skill or ability.

    ‘the officials displayed remarkable ineptitude’
    • ‘the sheer ineptitude of their economic plan’
    • ‘My unpaid bills just pile up, silently cursing their puppeteering ineptitude.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the text, which students will assume to be authoritative, displays the usual ineptitude with words in Greek.’
    • ‘In some pieces, his playing displays technical ineptitude.’
    • ‘His early fight scene is a portrait of ineptitude.’
    • ‘Cap'n Jack Sparrow is a pirate who's infamous for his ineptitude.’
    • ‘His problem lies in his ineptitude to fulfill his obligations.’
    • ‘It stumbles around aimlessly, lost in its own ineptitude.’
    • ‘The audience often delights in pointing out bad decisions or plot devices that make no sense or show the ineptitude of the writers.’
    • ‘Do not walk out before the last scene and thereby miss a monument to all-around ineptitude.’
    • ‘A failed athlete and hopeless quiz contestant, he has risen on the strength of his charismatic ineptitude.’



/iˈneptəˌto͞od/ /ɪˈnɛptəˌtud/