Definition of inequivalve in English:


Pronunciation /inˈēkwəˌvalv/ /ɪnˈikwəˌvælv/


  • (of a bivalve shell) having valves of different sizes.

    • ‘The shell is strongly inequivalve, the ventral valve being convex and the dorsal one only slightly arched, except for the fold, resulting in an almost opercular aspect.’
    • ‘Reticulochlamys zinsmeisteri is easily distinguished from R. borjasensis n. sp., mainly because R. borjasensis has strongly inequivalve shells, with prominent plicae sculptured with scaly riblets.’
    • ‘The shell is slightly prosocline, very weakly inflated, and strongly inequivalve, with concave left valve and weakly convex right one.’
    • ‘Most scallops have slightly inequivalve shells.’
    • ‘Some forms have unequally-sized valves, and are called inequivalve. Chama and the unrelated Cleidothaerus are strongly inequivalve.’



/inˈēkwəˌvalv/ /ɪnˈikwəˌvælv/