Definition of inequivalve in English:



  • (of a bivalve shell) having valves of different sizes.

    ‘The shell is strongly inequivalve, the ventral valve being convex and the dorsal one only slightly arched, except for the fold, resulting in an almost opercular aspect.’
    • ‘Reticulochlamys zinsmeisteri is easily distinguished from R. borjasensis n. sp., mainly because R. borjasensis has strongly inequivalve shells, with prominent plicae sculptured with scaly riblets.’
    • ‘The shell is slightly prosocline, very weakly inflated, and strongly inequivalve, with concave left valve and weakly convex right one.’
    • ‘Most scallops have slightly inequivalve shells.’
    • ‘Some forms have unequally-sized valves, and are called inequivalve. Chama and the unrelated Cleidothaerus are strongly inequivalve.’



/inˈēkwəˌvalv/ /ɪnˈikwəˌvælv/