Definition of ineradicably in English:


Pronunciation /-blē/


See ineradicable

‘However prosperous and ‘civilised’ the world gets, there is an ineradicably evil aspect to human nature that will always find an outlet somewhere.’
  • ‘Now that Britain has become so ineradicably multicultural, he says, there is no justification for it to be ‘British’ any more.’
  • ‘The Utopian ideal of a just society was for Orwell something which ‘seems to haunt human imagination ineradicably and in all ages, whether it is called the Kingdom of Heaven or the classless society’.’
  • ‘As long as Darwinism is taken to be as ineradicably materialistic as it appears to Ruse, it will remain logically irreconcilable with Christianity.’
  • ‘The conjunction of portrait miniature and jeweled container located the portrait ineradicably in the domain of luxury, and hence also of commerce.’