Definition of inerrancy in English:



See inerrant

‘For churches which claim to take the divine inspiration, inerrancy and holiness of Scripture seriously, ‘really bad’ preaching should be an aberration rather than the norm in them.’
  • ‘The doctrine of inerrancy asserts not only that the Bible is true, but that it is incapable of being false or even mistaken, impossible for it to not reflect the cosmic order of the universe and its Creator's plan.’
  • ‘One tenet defining fundamentalism is biblical inerrancy which is what most people mean by ‘literalists.’’
  • ‘Strongly tied to biblical inerrancy was dispensational premillennialism, which predicted the imminent return of Jesus Christ to earth.’
  • ‘These days many people are critical of Evangelical Christianity as being not intellectual enough and relying too much on Biblical inerrancy.’