Definition of inerrantist in English:


Pronunciation /-tist/


See inerrant

‘We're not sure what Ghounem means exactly in the latter claim, but Biblical inerrantists only believe that the original manuscripts, and in the original languages, are inerrant.’
  • ‘I certainly could provide a scriptural case for the ordination of women, but it would not be convincing to such a reader, since I, like Martin Luther, am not a scriptural inerrantist.’
  • ‘That kind of special pleading is wholly unnecessary for an inerrantist.’
  • ‘A major problem for biblical inerrantists is the authorship of the first 5 books of the bible. Moses is supposed to have authored them. The problem with that is that they document his death. How did he author them if they document his death?’
  • ‘Those who accuse inerrantists of being idolaters, are accusing them of worshiping and/or showing excessive devotion and/or admiration to the Bible.’