Definition of inert gas in English:

inert gas


another term for noble gas
‘Krypton is the fourth member of Group 18 of the periodic table, a group of elements known as the noble gases or inert gases.’
  • ‘Fluorine gas, diluted with an inert gas such as nitrogen, can now be used to fluorinate selectively a range of systems by simply passing this gaseous mixture through a cold solution of the substrate in formic or other acid.’
  • ‘Natural gas contains other compounds than hydrocarbons, including significant quantities of gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and hydrogen sulphide and traces of inert gases such as helium.’
  • ‘Prior to Bartlett's preparation of the first xenon compound, the rare gases were widely referred to as the inert gases.’
  • ‘If the tank must be filled from the top, then the tank should be filled with an inert gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide to displace any oxygen.’


inert gas

/iˈnərt ˌɡas/ /ɪˈnərt ˌɡæs/