Definition of inescapably in English:


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  • In a way that cannot be avoided or ignored; undeniably.

    ‘an ideological conflict inescapably tied to religion’
    • ‘The act of contestation also exposes their inescapably political character.’
    • ‘Whatever his acting skills, he is inescapably his physical self.’
    • ‘Cameron continued to walk, inescapably dragging her along with him.’
    • ‘Such value judgements inescapably rely on the aesthetic premises chosen.’
    • ‘Japanese art exhibitions are inescapably embedded in the larger context of a changing world of art exhibitions in general.’
    • ‘I must never dwell on it, or I will go crazy, inescapably crazy.’
    • ‘This first page is going to be inescapably wordy.’
    • ‘For the viewer, access to these intimate scenes is inescapably distanced.’
    • ‘The raps are sharp and thoughtful, the bass is deep and incessant, and the drums are inescapably loud.’
    • ‘It would surely be unreasonable to suppose that the hypothetical tenant is so inescapably imprisoned in the present that no anticipation is permitted of what is to come.’



/ˌinəˈskāpəblē/ /ˌɪnəˈskeɪpəbli/