Definition of inevitability in English:



  • The quality of being certain to happen.

    ‘there was an air of inevitability about the outcome’
    • ‘the inevitability of death’
    • ‘one of the inevitabilities of life’
    • ‘The kinetic imagery of the first scene frames her career, perpetually reminding the viewer of the inevitability of her decline.’
    • ‘I keep going back to them, despite the inevitability of their politics.’
    • ‘Ice ages, like slowly drifting polar ice caps, have a ponderous inevitability about them.’
    • ‘Events pile up to their wrenching conclusion with a slow, terrible inevitability.’
    • ‘She must prepare herself to meet the inevitability of change.’
    • ‘Audiences must have bought into the fatalistic inevitability of the plot devices.’
    • ‘For painting, always a discursive medium, to address the visual language of the computer is a cultural inevitability.’
    • ‘Lack of funds has led to the inevitability of frequent alterations in the script.’
    • ‘A fallen leaf drifts briefly into his life, and tells him of the inevitability and capricious nature of death.’
    • ‘Made after the artist's recovery from two heart attacks, the sculpture is a physical representation of the inevitability of defeat.’



/inˌevədəˈbilədē/ /ɪnˌɛvədəˈbɪlədi/