Definition of inexorably in English:


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  • In a way that is impossible to stop or prevent.

    ‘the conflict was to lead inexorably to the outbreak of World War I’
    • ‘She hopes to save her children via her merchant's trade, yet she inexorably loses them.’
    • ‘The experience of any given work is inexorably shaped by the physical medium.’
    • ‘Secrets from the past rise inexorably to the surface.’
    • ‘The team actually starts winning, which leads inexorably to the final showdown against the formidable rivals.’
    • ‘No matter how hard I tried, the thought inexorably unwound to the end, borne along by its own weight.’
    • ‘They are inexorably tied to the history of American comic books.’
    • ‘He interweaves multiple characters that are, to varying degrees, inexorably linked together.’
    • ‘She is inexorably engulfed by the cloud of shame that surrounds parricide.’
    • ‘The film builds inexorably to a climax that becomes a catalyst for changing David's life forever.’
    • ‘Divas clash with directors, new talent is discovered, and despite a broken ankle, the show inexorably goes on.’



/iˈneks(ə)rəblē/ /ɪˈnɛks(ə)rəbli/