Definition of inexpediency in English:



See inexpedient

‘I say that the inexpediency is a very specific matter which is to be judged according to the legislative policy.’
  • ‘They met to deliberate on the expediency or inexpediency of constituting a new Association.’
  • ‘It did not grow into a real, shooting war just because each side, in assessing the adversary's capability, came to the conclusion about the inexpediency of exchanging nuclear strikes even in the most critical situations possible.’
  • ‘While admitting that he is more or less hamstrung because of the inexpediency of leading a minority government, irreparable harm is committed by his vacillating on issues that call for clear conscience-driven decisions.’
  • ‘The preliminary work does not rule out making conclusions about possible inexpediency of continued investigations within its framework.’



/ˌinikˈspēdēənsē/ /ˌɪnɪkˈspidiənsi/