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  • Not practical, suitable, or advisable.

    ‘In other words, an order for absolute discharge does not imply either conviction or that punishment is inexpedient: it implies a finding that the accused did the act in question and that an absolute discharge is the most suitable order.’
    • ‘In many cases, the ICC will have jurisdiction to prosecute for a war crime where a domestic nation state refuses to act: even where the domestic state concludes that a prosecution would be politically inexpedient.’
    • ‘In Hinduism, then, the wanton destruction of forests is not just something merely inexpedient, it is a sacrilege.’
    • ‘We Marxists consider the tactic of individual terror inexpedient in the tasks of the liberating struggle of the proletariat as well as oppressed nationalities.’
    • ‘In tightly closed economies, on the other hand, it is inexpedient to influence the current accounts through the fiscal policy due to the effect on employment.’
    • ‘He shows the first two courses to be impossible or inexpedient.’
    • ‘The only reason it was not done is because politically it was inexpedient for the Nixon administration to continue supporting the Apollo program, which it saw a legacy of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.’
    • ‘If the compensations are too small, no one will volunteer to take part in the given hazardous activity, and if they are too large, the state will find it inexpedient for socioeconomic reasons to put the project into effect.’
    • ‘It is inexpedient to mount a counteroffensive with heavy losses as a result of the enemy's fire delivery or the penetration of a large amount of its tanks and motorized infantry.’
    • ‘The whole scheme was premature and inexpedient.’
    • ‘It is inexpedient to use motorized radio stations as this leads to unwarranted loss of personnel and material.’
    unadvisable, injudicious, unwise, impolitic, imprudent, incautious, irresponsible, thoughtless, careless, foolhardy, foolish, silly, wrong-headed, short-sighted
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/ˌinikˈspēdēənt/ /ˌɪnɪkˈspidiənt/ /ˌinekˈspēdēənt/ /ˌɪnɛkˈspidiənt/