Definition of inexpensive in English:


Pronunciation /ˌinikˈspensiv/ /ˌɪnɪkˈspɛnsɪv/

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  • Not costing a great deal; cheap.

    ‘a simple and inexpensive solution’
    • ‘This job should be a reasonably inexpensive one and could be done in one day.’
    • ‘The bulbs are fairly inexpensive and often you can find other tulip varieties at bargain bulk-pack prices.’
    • ‘They're usually inexpensive, so are kind on your budget as well as your skin.’
    • ‘Lagging jackets are an inexpensive way to improve efficiency and they will pay for themselves within a few months.’
    • ‘Buying an inexpensive property in a less popular area could be a mistake.’
    • ‘Karaoke is not only a great way to enhance a party, but it's also fairly inexpensive.’
    • ‘Unless a product is inexpensive or trivial, brand awareness alone will not be enough to drive you to an actual purchase.’
    • ‘Shepherd's pie, well made from good ingredients, is delicious, easy, and inexpensive.’
    • ‘Cyprus has imported the Palomino vine because of its dependence on producing inexpensive copies of sherry.’
    • ‘These tests are generally simple, reproducible, inexpensive, and can be done on stored samples.’
    • ‘A simple and inexpensive mouthwash test is all that is required for DNA analysis for the affected gene.’
    • ‘Others are mass market publications that are an inexpensive introduction to classics.’
    • ‘Data from these sources are accessible, inexpensive, and widely available.’
    • ‘The courses are not inexpensive, as the illustrious name of the event hotel might indicate.’
    • ‘Wood and coal is readily available, making fires a relatively inexpensive method.’
    • ‘If you have the gear, then you are looking at a relatively inexpensive getaway!’
    • ‘They are convenient and easy to use and both the drives and the media have become fairly inexpensive.’
    • ‘I was surprised at how many sports areas there are near the city centre and how inexpensive they are.’
    • ‘The point is that Ikea sells inexpensive furniture of surprisingly high quality.’
    • ‘By virtue of their origin these games were inexpensive and environment friendly.’
    cheap, low-priced, low-price, low-cost, economical, economic, competitive, affordable, reasonable, reasonably priced, moderately priced, keenly priced, budget, economy, cheap and cheerful, bargain, cut-rate, cut-price, half-price, sale-price, sale, reduced, on special offer, marked down, discounted, discount, rock-bottom, giveaway
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