Definition of inexpensively in English:


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  • At little expense; cheaply.

    ‘bottled water can be purchased inexpensively’
    • ‘inexpensively priced hotels’
    • ‘Computer technology has reduced these fears by allowing manuscripts to be inexpensively stored in multiple formats.’
    • ‘Biotechnology companies say that genetically modified crops could be a way to produce certain pharmaceuticals inexpensively.’
    • ‘Score the sheet several times with a cutting knife made specifically for plastics, available inexpensively from your dealer.’
    • ‘Lily seeds are easy to start, and you can get lots of bulbs inexpensively.’
    • ‘Now we have the technology to deliver information to people quickly and very inexpensively.’
    • ‘All of your corporate and personal data can be inexpensively protected from a disk crash.’
    • ‘The hedge fund can aggressively play the speculative market and inexpensively hedge its exposure.’
    • ‘Readers can go to the library and get the information inexpensively.’
    • ‘I knew I could design a product fairly quickly and inexpensively.’
    • ‘Improved technology allowed the shop to reach its customers more regularly and inexpensively.’



/ˌinikˈspensəvlē/ /ˌɪnɪkˈspɛnsəvli/ /ˌinekˈspensəvlē/ /ˌɪnɛkˈspɛnsəvli/