Definition of inexpensiveness in English:



See inexpensive

‘It's a popular sport with parents in America where the inexpensiveness of the kit and the relative lack of injury is a pleasant contrast to some of the more bruising national pastimes on offer.’
  • ‘Finally, if the results of Vargas et al are confirmed in properly designed, controlled, double-blind studies in humans, silver nitrate could become the sclerosant of choice, given its wide availability and inexpensiveness.’
  • ‘Their popularity, at least as far as producers are concerned, results from their inherent inexpensiveness.’
  • ‘The Internet will also help drive economies as it increases exponentially the ease, speed, and inexpensiveness with which information can be collected.’
  • ‘The simplicity and inexpensiveness of the VSAT antenna has been essential in widening the scope of utilizing satellite telecommunications.’



/ˌinikˈspensivnəs/ /ˌɪnɪkˈspɛnsɪvnəs/