Definition of inexperience in English:


Pronunciation /ˌinikˈspērēəns/ /ˌɪnɪkˈspiriəns/

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  • Lack of experience, knowledge, or skill.

    ‘the accident was due to the inexperience of the driver’
    • ‘despite his inexperience, Andy wins the first race’
    • ‘Galway have a few lads who played in the 2001 final but inexperience will definitely be an issue for them overall.’
    • ‘However, her reservation to audition for the part was due to her inexperience in musical theatre.’
    • ‘John Paul Sheahan for example, he had a good debut, would have had a few more scores but for inexperience.’
    • ‘Edwards tried to make a virtue of his inexperience by running as a Washington outsider.’
    • ‘All this political inexperience adds up to disillusioned populations, according to Leon.’
    • ‘Every thing that subsequently went wrong stemmed from Dewar's impatience and inexperience.’
    • ‘They claimed that Hanania's inexperience was the reason he was cancelled.’
    • ‘This novel could have been great but is hampered by a stiffness that could be attributed to inexperience.’
    • ‘If she was excited at the prospect of working with such people, Sproule was equally aware of her inexperience.’
    • ‘She finished sixth in the individual event, but recognised it was inexperience which limited her ambitions in the final.’
    • ‘So long as his relative inexperience does not count against him, he should make a bold bid tomorrow to go one better.’
    • ‘Young drivers can put themselves and others at risk through a combination of inexperience and bravado.’
    • ‘Sometimes it was impossible to tell where bad luck stopped and incompetence or inexperience kicked in.’
    • ‘But the horse nearly paid the penalty for his inexperience when he made a bad mistake at the sixth-last fence.’
    • ‘That little bit of carelessness or inexperience can sometimes result in the most awful consequences.’
    • ‘To their credit, the Rangers attacked until the end but a series of wides and inexperience saw them defeated in the end.’
    • ‘The young drivers are the ones who are most likely to make the errors of inexperience like hitting a curb.’
    • ‘If they were young, we could at least excuse them for their inexperience.’
    • ‘That inexperience combined with the fact they were playing overseas for the first time sealed their fate.’
    • ‘Their inexperience doesn't stop them being proud, however, and in some cases arrogant.’
    ignorance, unawareness, unenlightenment, lack of knowledge, lack of education
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Late 16th century from French inexpérience, from late Latin inexperientia, from in- (expressing negation) + experientia ‘experience’.