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‘Fly by Night is moderately well written but poorly acted and inexpertly directed.’
  • ‘Every line is beautifully judged (even if a few are inexpertly mumbled) and the characters are drawn with a conviction that exceeds the usual limits of either genre.’
  • ‘Not much used to bicycles, she inexpertly began coasting downhill, keeping her speed down should she go for a toss.’
  • ‘I had half of my hair inexpertly and messily curled when Meg walked in.’
  • ‘They are inexpertly cast and rough finished, often it is impossible to stand them upright.’



/inˈekspərtlē/ /ɪnˈɛkspərtli/ /ˌinəkˈspərtlē/ /ˌɪnəkˈspərtli/