Definition of inexplicably in English:


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  • often as sentence adverb In a way that cannot be explained or accounted for.

    ‘many crucial documents had inexplicably disappeared’
    • ‘somehow, inexplicably, I was back where I had begun’
    • ‘One by one, they are inexplicably murdered just off camera.’
    • ‘Many clones inexplicably fail to live to adulthood.’
    • ‘Inexplicably, an early version of the film featured a great opening number cut from the DVD release.’
    • ‘Inexplicably, the sketched-in hair reveals a glimpse of a squirrel on the top of the figure's head.’
    • ‘It's a brilliant, mysterious film that was inexplicably dismissed by many critics.’
    • ‘Elliott is a nebbishy accountant who inexplicably finds himself engaged to a hot blonde.’
    • ‘The dream sequence interlude midway through is particularly imposing, and inexplicably strange.’
    • ‘At first, Olivier refuses to take him, and then inexplicably changes his mind.’
    • ‘Left for dead, he is admitted to a hospital and, inexplicably, revives from his comatose state.’
    • ‘He made no mention of resigning, and the local press corps, inexplicably, didn't ask.’



/ˌinekˈsplikəblē/ /ˌɪnɛkˈsplɪkəbli/ /ˌinˈekspləkəblē/ /ˌɪnˈɛkspləkəbli/