Definition of inexplicit in English:



  • Not definitely or clearly expressed or explained.

    ‘What they say, however, has been for the most part unclear, ill-focused, and unduly inexplicit.’
    • ‘Marx's vision is insistently comprehensive, relating all matters by implication to its political agenda; yet his remarks on aesthetic matters are few and inexplicit, leaving a kind of lacuna in his system.’
    • ‘In an article that is to be followed by a book, Searle has tentatively added Free Will to his previous philosophy of mind, which was inexplicit but which seemed deterministic.’
    • ‘This inexplicit though frank play presents itself as a coming-out drama.’
    • ‘Yet such reasoning is exceptional: most of the reasoning that gives us knowledge is largely inexplicit.’
    • ‘I feel though that this experiment is incomplete and requires further knowledge due to the inexplicit fact that this is in fact only one group of specimens dubbing it as a theory.’
    • ‘She was already using female sexuality to question the conventions of novelistic discourse where sexuality was traditionally inexplicit.’
    • ‘This tone can be arch, infuriating, inexplicit, and baffling.’
    • ‘The key is to be as truthful, yet as inexplicit as you can be.’
    • ‘Chardin was a specialist in still life, a mode that was either inexplicit or lacked outright story content.’
    ambiguous, indefinite, non-committal, vague, indeterminate, imprecise, inexact, indistinct, inexplicit, blurry, hazy, foggy, nebulous, borderline



/ˈinikˈsplisit/ /ˈɪnɪkˈsplɪsɪt/