Definition of inextensible in English:



  • Unable to be stretched or drawn out in length.

    ‘Root lengths were measured by aligning an inextensible cord with the roots and then taking measurements of the cord with a ruler.’
    • ‘All that is required is a spring balance or, better, an electronic strain gauge, against which the body-part of interest exerts force through a virtually inextensible wire or rigid lever system.’
    • ‘The base of the stem was surrounded with an inextensible strap linked to a motorized dynamometer, allowing controlled basal bending.’
    • ‘The elastic properties of the chain are chosen to match the persistence length and torsional persistence length of DNA, with a large stretching modulus that essentially renders the chain inextensible.’
    • ‘Most biological hydraulic skeletons are cylindrical and their walls are reinforced by relatively inextensible fibers (usually collagen or chitin in animals, and cellulose in plants).’
    • ‘This is consistent with the more general observation in the literature, that microtubules are almost inextensible, the compliance of cells being due primarily to filament bending or sliding between filaments.’
    • ‘An electron cryomicroscopy study of analogous SPP1 portal protein complexes documented a change in curvature upon ring closure consistent with inextensible subunits.’
    • ‘The formulation is idealised by an elastic-plastic relation that can explain the deformation patterns of inextensible steel reinforcements to that of highly extensible geosynthetics.’
    • ‘Since amniote intromittent organs are hydrostatic, it follows that the wall of their erectile structures must be reinforced with inextensible fibers to prevent aneurysms.’
    • ‘For example, a rubber band that is resilient at room temperature becomes leathery and relatively inextensible when cooled in a kitchen freezer.’
    • ‘Wall tissue is extensible when collagen fibers are folded, but nearly inextensible when collagen fibers near full extension.’
    • ‘His decision turned on this question of whether the product was inextensible, according to what appears on page 254.’
    • ‘Abstract Thick filaments are generally thought to be effectively inextensible.’
    • ‘So one year later, in 1890, C.K. Welsh patented the design of a wheel rim with a lip and an outer inextensible cover.’



/inikˈstensibəl/ /ɪnɪkˈstɛnsɪbəl/