Definition of infante in English:



  • A son of the ruling monarch of Spain or Portugal other than the heir to the throne, specifically the second son.

    • ‘It splintered into hundreds of competing chieftainships, all led by infantes claiming descent from Afonso I, all variously cooperative or mercenary, and all dependent on the slave trade for their survival.’
    • ‘From 1770 Boccherini was composer and performer to the infante, Don Luis, at Aranjuez and later at Avila, a position he held until Don Luis died in 1785.’
    • ‘All Infantes in the different kingdoms were and are always royal princes, in the general meaning of the word.’
    • ‘Carlos became a naturalised Spanish subject and was granted the title Infante of Spain on 7 February 1901.’


Mid 16th century Spanish and Portuguese, from Latin infans, infant- (see infant).