Definition of infanticidal in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌfantiˈsīdl/


See infanticide

‘In early state societies, child-rearing was predominantly infanticidal.’
  • ‘He famously failed to defend the infanticidal Minnie Dean, the first and last woman to be hanged in New Zealand.’
  • ‘Nor does Harris spend any time pondering, for instance, the infanticidal teachings of prominent philosophers and ethicists (such as Princeton's Peter Singer) who share Harris’ ‘rational’ utilitarian perspective.’
  • ‘Although infanticide trials commonly ended in a conviction for the lesser crime of concealment of a birth or a straight acquittal, some infanticidal mothers were acquitted on ground of insanity.’
  • ‘It can trick its way to getting more food, for example; a female chimp can ward off an infanticidal male from her kids with the help of alliances.’