Definition of infantile paralysis in English:

infantile paralysis


  • Poliomyelitis.

    ‘Pearl can also pluck vivid pictures out of the past of the polio epidemic, or infantile paralysis epidemic, as it was called in her day.’
    • ‘For this reason, it was known as infantile paralysis.’
    • ‘As a child growing up in Bradford he was struck down with both infantile paralysis and rickets.’
    • ‘Until 1894 when Vermont reported 132 cases, poliomyelitis, also known as infantile paralysis, remained rare.’
    • ‘The school would have sat empty for the first four months of 1925 as an infantile paralysis epidemic swept across the country.’


infantile paralysis

/ˈˌinfənˌtīl pəˈraləsəs/ /ˈˌɪnfənˌtaɪl pəˈræləsəs/ /ˈˌinfəntl pəˈraləsəs/ /ˈˌɪnfəntl pəˈræləsəs/