Definition of infantilize in English:


transitive verb

(also British infantilise)
[with object]
  • Treat (someone) as a child or in a way which denies their maturity in age or experience.

    ‘seeing yourself as a victim infantilizes you’
    • ‘Given this, it infantilizes him to ask us to root for him, as if he were a heart-touching runt.’
    • ‘Does the birth of your children infantilize you?’
    • ‘I'd just lost my mind and I was infantilised and it was very depressing.’
    • ‘To excuse Carr on the grounds of female weakness is to infantilise her and, by implication, womankind…’
    • ‘Yet Blair felt unfulfilled, partly because Kelly tended to infantilise her.’
    • ‘I think we have to be careful when we see or represent a woman who does not behave as society expects her to so that we don't infantilize her.’
    • ‘No other film-maker conveys so clearly how the bullying communist regime infantilises its citizens and treats everyone like 12-year-olds.’
    • ‘Another thought about the infantilisation of teens: perhaps the problem is less that we infantilize them than that we treat them like adults before they're ready.’
    • ‘She never at any point villainizes, criticizes, or infantilizes adolescents' beliefs and experiences; her tone is at all times respectful.’
    • ‘Any culture is infantilized, necessarily, when its members are denied the power to enter into adult commitments - to own, to vote, to defend one's country, to marry.’
    • ‘Finally, corporate HQ had alienated its store managers through infantilizing incentives schemes, and irritated its employees with oppressive ‘loss prevention’ policies.’
    • ‘What a godsend to infantilizing irresponsibility that era was.’
    • ‘Perhaps the adults [who implemented the codes] are responsible for infantilizing speech.’
    • ‘The exploitation claim is yet another example of a mentality that finds exploitation everywhere even as it infantilizes the folks it purports to speak for.’
    • ‘No one infantilizes adults more than the conservatives and the extreme right.’
    • ‘I worry about infantilized responses, especially when higher education is trying to shape analytic and critical thinking skills.’
    • ‘The colonized are infantilized: children are children and they dominate the film.’
    • ‘Korean young people are infantilized throughout most of their lives.’
    • ‘But how long must we infantilize the very people we're building sites for?’
    • ‘Why infantilize young people who are entitled to every presumption of adulthood?’



/inˈfan(t)lˌīz/ /ɪnˈfæn(t)lˌaɪz/