Definition of infauna in English:



  • The animals living in the sediments of the ocean floor or river or lake beds.

    Compare with epifauna

    ‘Reichardt found algal fragments on both sides of the Peninsula and suggested that algal material provided an additional carbon source to deep water benthic infauna.’
    • ‘In prior studies, we have argued that changes in sediment surface chemistry driven by biotic and physical disturbance affect recruitment decisions of infauna.’
    • ‘High densities of organisms that bind the sediment and modify wave-induced erosion potential can also mitigate wave disturbance effects on other infauna.’
    • ‘These sediments are often bioturbated by an infauna that lived in them.’
    • ‘Bivalves first appeared during the early Cambrian as part of a shallow infauna.’



/inˈfônə/ /ɪnˈfɔnə/