Definition of infeasibility in English:



See infeasible

‘For example, James Longstreet's protest to Robert E. Lee on the infeasibility of Pickett's Charge is well-known.’
  • ‘One might argue against such strictness and point out its infeasibility, pointlessness and even potential harmfulness, at the levels of both clinical practice and inter-professional relationships.’
  • ‘These concerns tended to stay out of the forefront of public attention, however, due to the slow pace of population change and the relative infeasibility of policy interventions.’
  • ‘In all of these exercises, we use incomplete information of varying degrees necessitated by the infeasibility and impracticality of collecting complete information.’
  • ‘If there is none, terminate, for the problem is infeasible, and the coefficients of the slack variables represent a certificate of infeasibility.’