Definition of infeasible in English:



  • Not possible to do easily or conveniently; impracticable.

    ‘To exhaustively search all possible networks is infeasible, in practice, even with high-performance computers.’
    • ‘Then there are those things which could be changed but any party serious about running the country would find infeasible to change.’
    • ‘It may sound totally infeasible but something has to be done to help the lower League clubs to survive.’
    • ‘At this point, we have not seen anything to make us believe that a five-year $10 billion fabricator project, starting today, would be infeasible…’
    • ‘Ring vaccination is at once rendered hopelessly infeasible; and whatever the quantity of vaccine available, assume inadequate distribution channels - which is not at all unlikely.’
    • ‘As long as this rule is ingrained in our culture, effective solutions to our worst problems will be politically infeasible, and politically feasible solutions will be ineffective or destructive.’
    • ‘Will even the basic act of indexing the Web soon become infeasible?’
    • ‘The Kremlin's claim that negotiations are infeasible will be justified, and Chechens who seek alternatives to war will be silenced.’
    • ‘As I'm fond of pointing out, it's not that going back to the moon is infeasible; it's that the knowledge to do so isn't living knowledge - it's all in books and not in active, working minds.’
    • ‘This cooperation has to go beyond the symptomatic such as use of protective devices on commercial planes, which may be too expensive, or securing airport perimeters, which may be infeasible.’
    • ‘This may be almost as infeasible as asking everybody to work Easter Monday, and I am sure there would be practical difficulties involved, especially with on-call rotas and part time workers.’
    • ‘China won't be responsible for all this economic aid, and it would be fiscally and politically infeasible for the United States to foot the bill in such a deal.’
    • ‘If they do, most of them fail after the first phase when initial research shows the technology to be infeasible at this time, or not worth the expenditures in the long run.’
    • ‘This image of global dominance is undeniably appealing to some Americans, but the history of the past few years also demonstrates how infeasible it is.’
    • ‘A space elevator still seems infeasible and I think a large scale space station that could operate as a docking port and even an assembly facility is probably too much of an initial expenditure.’
    • ‘Amnesty might be ideal but it is politically infeasible and creates credibility problems the application of future penalties.’
    • ‘Many computational tasks, such as decodings or the factorization of very large numbers, would become feasible that are infeasible with present machines.’
    • ‘But armed revolution, too, was infeasible, even if it had been desirable.’
    • ‘And borrowing abroad was infeasible, given the uncertain political situation and the disastrous legacy of inter-war loans.’
    • ‘Inadequate child care means that many recipients must forgo job opportunities or find it infeasible to keep a job for very long.’



/inˈfēzəbəl/ /ɪnˈfizəbəl/